Dimplex MaxAir Hot and Cold Ceramic Fan

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The MaxAir is designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool you in the summer thanks to its powerful hot and cold ceramic technology. It is ideal for heating larger rooms and will also help cool you on those warm summer days. It is feature-rich packed with the latest technology. It has a built-in 'Intelligent eco heat mode' that calculates the most efficient way to heat to the desired temperature. Whilst it has 3 fan speeds including a turbo setting to provide a powerful cooling effect. It can be controlled via the touch control LED panel or via a handheld remote that can be stored within the back of the product. Or even better from the comfort of your armchair via Bluetooth. MaxAir also features a 12-hour runback timer and motorized oscillation so it can direct hot or cool air to wider parts of the room. It looks great thanks to the stylish glass base and switchable mode indicating feature lighting that glows red on heat and blue on cool mode. It also features a filter on the air inlet to capture large dust particles. For safety and peace of mind, there is a tilt switch that cuts off the power to the product if accidentally knocked over, whilst there is also a child lock function.


Product Features:

  • Includes: Batteries
  • Located on the top of the heater controls
  • Heat settings
  • Installation plugin and go
  • Location of heat output grill at the front
  • Remote control
  • 1-12 hour runback timer
  • Black cable exit point
  • Carry handles
  • Digital timer
  • Voltage 230-240V
  • Stylish glass base and patented LED feature lighting
  • Remote control with runback timer
  • Motorised oscillation for wider heat distribution
  • Heat selection: Off / 1.3kW / 2.5kW
  • CE certification
  • Electronic climate control (ECC)